Can’t or Don’t Want To Thoughts on Motivation

Challenges with Motivation

Ever have problems with motivation? There are two reasons why people don’t follow through on something they said they would do whether it is:

  • an obligation;
  • a task; or
  • a response to someone.

It is very simple – the reason is either you “can’t do it” or you “don’t want to do it!” This statement is true for all of us. Just think about the things you’ve said you would do that you didn’t bring to completion.

Alright perhaps you’re thinking “I haven’t done it yet, but I will.”  I’m not negating that time is a factor – we all have to contend with competing demands. What I am saying is that even if time is a factor, such as:

  • not having enough; or
  • being over-scheduled; or
  • being over committed; or
  • adding more to one’s plate when it is already full; or
  • mismanaging allotted time (procrastinating)
  • and so on…

…there is still a hidden element that has to do with not wanting to do something or not being able to do it.

What Are the Reasons We Don’t Want To?

It could be that the task is connected to something from the past. Something we want to avoid or a way we don’t want to feel again.

It could be that we “don’t want to” because we have adopted someone else’s ideas about what we should do or be.

It could be that we don’t believe that the task falls into our domain.

  • “It’s not my job.”
  • “It’s not my duty.”
  • “It’s not my role.”
  • “It’s not why I was hired.”
  • “It’s not our agreement.”

It could be that we don’t think we are capable, which is not the same as “I can’t do it.”  But the results are the same rugged avoidance.

Let’s Explore “I can’t”

I’m hard pressed to really think of something that shows up in my day-to-day life that I “can’t” do. So this rationale is more connected to me not committing to learning what I need to learn so that I can complete the tasks that need to be completed.

We are not all knowing beings who can do all things. But “I can’t” is a pseudo barrier. Because even if you can’t do something, efforts can be made to learn…furthermore if you “can’t” there is someone who can!

Your Reason Why

Mastering motivation involves peeling back some layers. Understanding “why” you are choosing to work toward a goal is vital to the commitment it will take to complete all of the tasks in between the start and the finish line.

After the completion of a goal there is often maintenance of what you have set into motion….so we have to remain motivated to our “want to”  and to our “why”  to keep up our efforts and actions.

Get in touch with your reason “why” everyday. Whether it is an image; an affirmation; a person; a feeling…whatever your reason why is…remember that and go attain your goals!

Motivation is most effective when it is internal.

Motivation is an inside job! Others may inspire us… Others may benefit from what we are building, doing or creating…but at the end of the day, whether you have a team or not…what is yours to do is yours to do.

Let’s kick excuses  to the curb!

No more excuses!

The truth is if you didn’t follow through you didn’t follow through….no justification is necessary…get it together and get it done!

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