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Building a Business…Dealing with Challenges and Obstacles

Building a Business

I often find myself having conversations with people about their careers. The majority of these conversations are about starting a business or growing a business.

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Entrepreneurship Practice Development

Service Over Sales

Deliver the Service

I just finished corresponding with someone who shared that she often felt that people worked hard to sell her something but then under-delivered on the service.

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Focus Days as a Path to Well-Being

What is Self Care?

“Self care” is a term that many therapists and helping professionals use in reference to taking care of one’s self. This is an important matter for helping professionals because we are uniquely charged with caring for others.

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Entrepreneurship Personal Development Self Care

Today Didn’t Go as Planned

Less than 5 Minutes on the Treadmill

Today I decided to go to the gym. It would have been my first time this year. I feel better when I get to the gym regularly for a 1 hour walk and 5 minute cool down.

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