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On Entrepreneurship – Stop Competing

Stop competing, stop comparing.

What if I told you entrepreneurship isn’t about competition? What if comparing your business to others and/or yourself to others in the same industry has a negative impact on:

  • your mindset,

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Clearing the Clutter – Home as Sanctuary

Clearing the Clutter

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to clear clutter. I don’t consider myself to be a packrat. I don’t think of myself as keeping things out of some sentimental value.

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Personal Development

Living with Your Stuff (Issues)!

What’s Your Stuff?

It is absolutely critical as therapists and helping professionals that we know what’s “our stuff”  (i.e. what is our issue or issues) and what is “their stuff.”

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Personal Development Self Care

What Have You Been Putting Off?

What Have You Been Putting Off?

I have been putting off something very important. Not only have I been putting it off, I’m aware of why I haven’t completed the task.

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Personal Development