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Set Limits…But Don’t Expect People to Like It

Levels to Setting Limits

Loss and care taking have deepened my experience of setting healthy boundaries. My father died from cancer 4 years ago this month.

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Personal Development Self Care

What Marvel’s Black Panther Film Explores About the Black Psyche, Part 2

Relationships in Marvel’s Black Panther

At this point, I’ve enjoyed the dialogue sparked by Marvel’s Black Panther film more than the film itself. Each person’s observations are based on their unique worldview.

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Multicultural Factors

Ethics in Mental Health Practice- Double-booking and Overbooking

Ethics and Scheduling Psychotherapy Clients

There are many things to consider with regard to ethics and scheduling psychotherapy clients. Here are just a few areas for consideration:

  1. Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of those who seek to schedule appointments with you,

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Ethics Practice Development

Ethics Continuing Education in Georgia

Licensure Renewal Cycle in Georgia and Requirements

We are in the home stretch of the licensure renewal cycle in the State of Georgia for Counselors,

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Professional Development