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Do you have a niche?

Do you have a niche for your practice?

Do you have a niche for your practice? What is your area of specialty? Are people contacting you in relation to your niche?

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Entrepreneurship Practice Development

Fright – Fight or Flight, Friends, Freeze, Forget


Most clinicians, if not all of us, know and have been taught about flight, fight or freeze. We are aware of its application to anxiety,

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Trends in Field

Why are White Men in America Killing People En Masse?

Why aren’t we having the conversation about white men and mass shootings?

For many years we have had public discourse about “black on black crime”

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Trends in Field

Diagnosis Related CE’s – Complying with SB 319 & GA Composite Board Rule 135-12

As many of you know Georgia Senate Bill 319 passed and was signed into law by the Governor onĀ  April 26, 2016. If a licensee has been independently licensed by April 26,

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