Coaching and Consultation

Eligibility & Requirements:
These services are offered to independently License Mental Health professionals who are seeking consultation to:

  • Enhance and support the quality of their clinical services;
  • Facilitate intentional professional development;
  • Advance individual and/or business visibility;
  • Develop your practice niche;
  • Develop business strategy;
  • Case consultation and ethical dilemmas.

*Supervision of Supervision Consultation is also available.

Individual Consultation/Coaching is available upon request and offered in person or via zoom. 1/2 hour meetings are $125.00 and held via phone or video conference only. 1-hour meetings are $250 with the option to meet in person. Individual meetings are scheduled as needed. No set frequency is required. These meetings are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. Contact me to schedule an appointment an obtain a consultation agreement and introductory packet.

Group Consultation/Coaching – group consultation services incorporate coaching principles and group dynamics to maximize the professional potential of the participants. This service is for independently licensed mental health professionals. Topics in include practice/business development, supervision of supervision…this group is not geared toward case consultation.

Consultation Group Service Offerings

Consultation groups meet for 2 hours once per month. Two new groups will start in April 2023. Contact me now March 2023 to schedule an individual screening to determine which group would work best for you, as well as to establish a working relationship. During this meeting we will also establish initial goals.

  • Each group is a 12-month commitment.
  • The meetings will be held via zoom.
  • The fee $125 per group.
  • The individual introductory meeting is  $250.
  • The group size limit is five.
  • Please contact me if you would like to participate. There will be a standby list if the groups are filled at the time of your inquiry.



An interactive process intended to facilitate professional growth, and provide feedback and support. You will receive timely information & support for your areas of interest.

You can ask questions, explore alternatives, address ethical concerns and receive feedback and suggestions on your supervisory and/or therapeutic interventions; in addition to program and practice development interests.


A professional relationship in which the coach and client partner to meet specific goals. We will work together to define goals and strategies for meeting them and to identify potential obstacles and ways to minimize or eliminate them.

The coaching process observes your strengths to assist you in creating what you want in your work/life.

Consultation & Coaching for Organizational Development

These services are available after an initial consultation and service proposal with an agreed upon timeline.

Staff Training

Professional development services for your staff including ethics, supervision, professionalism, and standards of care.

Team Building

Team building facilitation series serves to enhance positive rapport among your Leadership Team, Staff or Faculty to assist your staff with systemic growth and change.

DiSC Assessments

As a certified DiSC Assessment Facilitator a series of assessment tools can be used to identify the unique characteristics of your team or group.