Practicing with Integrity: 5 Questions You Should Never Ignore

I can’t think of a day in my professional life that I did not have to make decisions with ethical implications. Decisions like: no longer working with a client (closing a case); collecting fees and managing agreements; advising others on their practice; assessing risk factors in clients or other professionals. One of the biggest mistakes that a person … Read more

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics Updates

There are many important updates from the 2005 to the 2014 ethical codes. For example, the 2005 code of ethics allowed counselors to refer a terminally ill client who expressed interest in exploring “end of life” options based on their own personal values. The 2014 ACA code of ethics no longer includes this guideline. In … Read more

Privileged Communication for Associate Counselors

Greetings! Thank you for your input and recommendations about future training topics. A few topics came up including: Support for newly independently licensed professionals who would like to embark upon private practice. Education for counselors and supervisees when called to court to testify. Other topics and inquiries this week related to whether or not privileged … Read more