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Race Matters – What Therapists Can Do!

Race Matters

I don’t really like to talk or write openly about race. I am doing so because it matters. It is important to me to write about what matters and race does.

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Ethics Trends in Field

GA Senate Bill 319- Diagnosis for Counselors

The Right to Diagnose

Many of my peers and colleagues were surprised to know that Licensed Professional Counselors in Georgia did not have a legal right to diagnose those with mental health disorders in the state of Georgia prior to last year’s battle by the Licensed Professional Counselor’s Association (LPCA-GA) to pass a bill into law allowing Counselors to do just that –

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Ethics Trends in Field

Therapist’s Self Disclosure

Three Types of Therapist’s Self Disclosure

There are various types of a therapist’s self disclosure.

  1. Some self disclosure is about the therapist’s personal history like family,

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Clinical Supervision Ethics

Freedom of Belief…Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Belief

One of things for which I am most grateful is living in a time and place that supportsĀ freedom of religion…which, to me,

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