Don’t Wait ’til You’re Ready!

Readiness is overrated! 

I’ve always believed in taking big leaps of faith! I’m not saying don’t prepare for anything.

But in my experience, when I am spending lots of time getting ready…. I’m usually procrastinating, thereby avoiding what I’ve set out to accomplish.

So occasionally I have to ask… What have I been waiting for?

Often I am waiting for a time when I am:

  • less busy;
  • less afraid;
  • more comfortable;
  • more knowledgeable; and/or
  • more skilled.

What exactly am I preparing for … failure… success… or something in between?

I like to ask myself “What am I anticipating?” … after all the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for.”

We are often anticipating how we will manage if we fail. Imagining that it feels worse than never having tried.

As for me, I am aware that success can be just as much or more challenging than failure. So even as I intend or anticipate success … I am preparing for how I will manage it.

Early on in my career, my challenges involved questions like, how do I get started? But now my challenges are more about how do I scale up and how do I scale back?

When I face new beginnings… new services… I occasionally get stuck in my thoughts, as well as my ideas about time and space.

Thoughts like envisioning the direction I am heading … ideas like… all of the possibilities and time as it relates to my desire for expansive space without deadlines.

This year I’ve come to embrace deadlinesChallenging myself to write a weekly blog post and deliver it on a certain day and time each week… it has been an exercise in self discipline.

The truth is we need the finite nature of time to force action!

Without a time frame or a hard deadline, what I do or what you do in pursuit of your goals is akin to daydreaming.

Several times a month, I am honored to sit with brave colleagues in my consultation/coaching groups.

These colleagues have committed time toward their professional (and personal) development.

When we gather for their respective once a month consultation/coaching meetings, they know that we will discuss how they are doing in creating the work/life that they want … step by step…

  • It’s not about reporting to anyone…
  • It’s about mutual accountability and support.
  • It’s about committing to oneself and to deliberate action toward what they want to create or experience.
  • It’s about not floating out there in that expansive time and space.
  • It’s about being anchored and committed in a shared vision of all that is possible.

If you are interested in consultation/coaching, please contact me via e-mail at

New groups will be forming in 2016!  Contact me for current availability and individual introductory and goal setting meetings. Consultation and coaching are available in person and at a distance using video conferencing.

The day of the week and the times for new groups will be based on interest and availability.

Think you can’t afford it? Maybe, maybe not … there is only one way to find out.

I believe in investing in my own professional development.

As some of you know, one of my 2015 goals is to write a book.  As a result, I’ve made a commitment to participate in a program called Bestseller in a Weekend!

The facilitator Alicia Dunams quotes the author Lemony Snicket when she says “If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting the rest of our lives…”

I am ready when you are!

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