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Is Private Practice Right for You?

Therapists in Popular Culture

When I taught graduate students for over ten years, I had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of them about their career interests.

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How to Find a Job Worth Having

Finding Work is Complex

I admit, it has been a long time since I’ve looked for a job. However, I often talk with people who are looking for a job.

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On Change and Moving “Forward Toward Growth”

What Do We Need in Order to Grow?

Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who was well known for positing the “hierarchy of needs.”  He stated that as our basic needs are met,

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Diagnosis Related CE’s – Complying with SB 319 & GA Composite Board Rule 135-12

As many of you know Georgia Senate Bill 319 passed and was signed into law by the Governor on  April 26, 2016. If a licensee has been independently licensed by April 26,

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