Passion, Purpose and Work!

I am passionate about mentoring, supervising and consulting with helping professionals. I’ve worked hard for the past 10 years to continue to do this work full time.

Increasingly those I serve are struggling to maintain their passion for their work. This is largely due to challenging work conditions including:

  • inconsistent pay
  • heavy caseloads
  • difficult or high risk cases
  • and general feelings of disillusionment.

I do what I can to offer reassurance, encouragement and career guidance. Yet increasingly it is not enough.

Those enthusiastic and passionate individuals who pursue work as helping professionals need better working conditions.

One of my goals this year involves taking a survey of those more senior helping professionals. I’d like your feedback, thoughts and input on what we can do as a collective group.

Stay tuned…

By the way I am speaking to graduate students this weekend at Argosy University about career development.

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