Are you having any fun!

As helping professionals, we are often focused on the practice of “self care.” Whether it is our own self care or that of our clients, it includes everything from:

  • getting sufficient sleep and rest;
  • to exercise and eating healthy;
  • to spending time with friends and family.

But what about fun! What are you doing just for the fun of it? Passion is important in our work. It is also important in our play.

We must go beyond healing in our work. Our intention must be on living and the enjoyment of life.

As for me…

I have a passion for the martial art Tai Chi. It is one of the things that I do for fun. After class or personal practice I am energetic and happy. It focuses my attention, alleviates stress and builds connection with a community of people that I enjoy.

I will be participating in a recording with my Tai Chi teacher Cate Morrill for the AIB TV series “Flow and Balance, the T’ai Chi Way.

If you are interested in seeing her first series of videos you can find the streaming video on

For more information about Tai Chi classes visit

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