TeleHealth Board Rules Do Apply to You – Therapists and Supervisors!

This week’s post is primarily for licensed and associate licensed counselors, social workers and marriage & family therapists in the state of Georgia. So if that doesn’t apply to you, no worries… I’ll have more general content next week! To view a copy of the new board rule, check out this link posted by Raymond Barrett, … Read more

Evaluative Feedback – Can You Handle the Truth?

No matter what your professional roles are, evaluative feedback is a two way street. You are either giving the feedback or receiving it. The success of the venture has everything to do with how we give feedback and how we respond to the information received. Each month I seek and receive written evaluative feedback about … Read more

Change is the Only Constant

“The only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus I entered the field of professional counseling 17 years ago. My first office had a desktop computer with a huge monitor and a floppy disk drive. I only used computers to type letters to clients or on behalf of them. All of my case notes … Read more

Passion, Purpose and Work!

I am passionate about mentoring, supervising and consulting with helping professionals. I’ve worked hard for the past 10 years to continue to do this work full time. Increasingly those I serve are struggling to maintain their passion for their work. This is largely due to challenging work conditions including: inconsistent pay heavy caseloads difficult or … Read more