Putting Knowledge Into Practice (Head,Heart, Hands, Nose)

Putting Knowledge Into Practice

Putting knowledge into practice is one of the most important tasks of any profession! Gaining knowledge involves using our “head.” Responding to emotion involves our “heart.” Effective methods involves the use of our “hands.” Following our intuition is a result of listening to our gut or using our “nose.” 

Head = Knowledge

The first step is generally acquiring knowledge. In fact we spend many years preparing ourselves by going to school. Even after we enter our fields we continue to update our knowledge via continuing education. Obtaining knowledge helps us think effectively, conceptualize and think critically.

This is why it is vital to select continuing education consciously. Free events can be and often are informative, but how do they connect with your goals & interests?

  • How do the books you read and the workshops you attend connect to your daily or future practice?

Heart = Emotions (Empathy)

Another way to think of heart is the ability to relate to and recognize the emotions of others. This skill is at the foundation of people skills. It starts first with recognizing your own emotions and challenging yourself to operate from your healthiest, caring and conscious self.

There are very few fields that don’t require customer service or at least working with clients, colleagues or other professionals. It is vital to ask yourself:

  • “What is the person feeling?” Not just “what are they saying?”

Hands = Techniques/Methods

The ability to apply what you’ve learned is at the foundation of techniques. In the field of counseling this often is called “intervention.” In general it means the applied tasks of “the work.” It is often measured by outcomes or results.

Because we live in a “results oriented” society there can be a tendency to focus on effecting a “result” as quickly as possible. But proper use of “hands” or techniques involves applying what is appropriate to the circumstance or problem.

Additionally the intervention or technique has to be applied at the right time or it could actually derail the intended result. The questions are:

  • Which technique is right for this circumstance? What is the best timing based on where we are in the relationship and in the work?

Nose = Intuition

Intuition of course is about things we know without knowing how we know it. It is also referred to as “gut.” Paying attention to our gut reaction or the seemingly random associations that appear in your mind is part of the experience of intuition.

Sometimes it just feels like a “guess,” but it involves learning to value your instincts and trusting that your reservoir of experiences lend themselves to inform your present and future experiences. There is a connection between all things and intuition is a manifestation of that connection. Following your gut can help us uncover insights that can advance our progress. The question with intuition is:

  • Will you trust your inner knowing?

Putting Knowledge Into Practice
(Head, Heart, Hands, Nose)

Putting it all together is critical to being a well rounded professional. As a Counselor, Coach, Consultant, and Trainer/Facilitator, I rely on all four (head, heart, hands, and nose) interchangeably.

My biggest task involves helping others integrate these four critical elements of practice. When you “put it all together” you can become a powerful presence in your profession. You can be proficient in your work and be a sought after by colleagues for referrals or opportunities.

  • Knowing what you know and what you don’t;
  • Feeling what you feel and honoring the feelings of others;
  • Applying the appropriate method at the right time; and 
  • Following your instincts, while testing the veracity of your gut.

It’s never about being right all of the time; it is not about being perfect…it is only about being “whole” and responding from that place of wholeness.

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