We Reap What We Sow

Read the books on your shelf!

Read the books on your shelf! I know many of you have bookshelves filled with books or virtual bookshelves filled with e-books. Either way you get the point…tap into the resources at your disposal.

I am just as guilty as the next person. I love to buy books and invest in resources.

However, while I do occasionally read the books, and complete programs or webinars here or there… I’ve decided to refrain from buying any new resources. Not while there are still so many untapped resources at my disposal. How many of you have paid for advice and not followed it?

So what’s the reason that I, like so many of you, have information resources that I have not consumed?

The Secret

I think it is because we believe that the “secret” lies within the next coaching session, class, book, webinar, podcast or workshop.

  • The secret to our accelerated growth.
  • The secret to our happiness.
  • The secret to better time management and improved efficiency.
  • The secret to building our business.
  • The secret to successful marketing.
  • The secret to mastering technology or social media.
  • The secret to the perfect relationship.
  • The secret to writing a book.
  • The secret to getting healthy and maintaining health.
  • The secret to the promotion you are seeking or the job you want.

Well you see it don’t you?

  • We believe that the secret keys to success are out there waiting to be purchased.
  • We also believe that we need that information right now…not later, but today, now…in this moment.

Regardless of whether or not we already have information at our fingertips we’ve come to believe we need more. As a result we can spend time procrastinating; while believing that we are planning and preparing. Please don’t misunderstand; planning and preparation are necessary. But at some point it can become avoidance.

Seeds Being Planted

Our information resources put into action are like seeds being planted or sown. We have the opportunity through that information to grow a powerful result. But only if we give it sunlight, water and nutrients. This means intentional opportunity for the seeds to grow.

  • The sunlight is when we make our intentions public and take action.
  • We must water the seeds with attention.
  • We must feed the soil nutrients with consistency.

Most often what is necessary to experience success is to:

  • re-read your most helpful resources;
  • effectively implement what we have already learned and;
  • follow the advisement we have already received; and
  • take consistent and disciplined action.

Seek Feedback

Trust me…even if you make a mistake, if you pay attention and you seek feedback from others — you will learn.

Why seek feedback? If we are left to our own thinking we will often make the same decisions and choices believing that we are right and not recognizing our blind spots.

We would likely stay in our comfort zone without someone challenging us.

The answers are not necessarily somewhere out there! Yes we need information, but I know that you are not an information-less person. Take full advantage of the information, wisdom and guidance at your disposal.

  1. Read the books on your shelves, whether that be digital shelves or literal shelves.
  2. Listen to your coach, mentor, consultant or the advisement from your trusted thought leaders.
  3. Stop buying goods and services you don’t need (it often gives us a false sense of action).

We Reap What We Sow

There is a time to sow, a time to reap, and a time for the land to lay barren.

The sowing involves us taking action (these are the seeds we plant).

The reaping includes the benefits we draw, the success we have sown when it all comes to fruition.

The land is allowed to replenish with nutrients when we let it lay barren…when we let ourselves rest and then feed ourselves with the nutrients of new information at our current level of need.

We always reap what we sow. If we are not experiencing what we are seeking to achieve (with a few exceptions) we only need to look toward what we planted or failed to plant.

This is a harsh truth, but it is a worthy endeavor to seek the truth of why there is no harvest.

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