Showing Up

It Was My Party and I Cried I remember throwing a slumber party for my 11th birthday. I invited at least 8 girls, but only 1 friend showed up. Her name was Tanisha. I was happy that she came for my party and I was happy to have a friend stay over. However, I was … Read more

Ethics Continuing Education in Georgia

Licensure Renewal Cycle in Georgia and Requirements We are in the home stretch of the licensure renewal cycle in the State of Georgia for Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists. The home stretch is typically January of the even year until the renewal cycle is complete on September 30th of the even year. … Read more

Expanding Your Professional Network

To Lunch or Not to Lunch? A few years ago I stopped accepting business lunch invitations. I know people are encouraged by career coaches, counselors, friends, family and self-help guides to invite professionals to lunch in order to forge a new relationship. However, the tactics involved tend to be one person picking another person’s brain … Read more

Putting Knowledge Into Practice (Head,Heart, Hands, Nose)

Putting Knowledge Into Practice Putting knowledge into practice is one of the most important tasks of any profession! Gaining knowledge involves using our “head.” Responding to emotion involves our “heart.” Effective methods involves the use of our “hands.” Following our intuition is a result of listening to our gut or using our “nose.”  Head = … Read more