Watch Your Inner Monologue!

Your Beliefs

Pay attention to your thoughts…because your thoughts reveal your beliefs and your beliefs can be found in the corridors of your life experiences.

Imagine your beliefs as images or pictures on the walls.  Just look around the hallways (metaphorically speaking).  What do you see?

Do you see images of yourself happily fulfilling your life’s purpose and being paid an income that supports your well being?

Do you see yourself in healthy, loving and supportive relationships…both social (friends/community) and intimate (romantic love relationship(s))?

Do you see yourself at a healthy weight, free of physical ailments…strong, flexible, vital?

Do you see yourself managing your time and tasks with ease…always aware of what to prioritize and being on task until the tasks are complete?

Do you see yourself living in a peaceful environment that is both spacious and cozy?

A Reflection of Your Beliefs

What you see is a reflection of your beliefs.

You may think that your images don’t reflect what you want, therefore they cannot be reflecting your beliefs.  However, what you want and what you subconsciously believe are not always aligned.

What you see in your life (if you are an adult and are empowered enough to shape your life ) is what you believe your life can be:

  • your health,
  • your work,
  • your relationships,
  • your money,
  • your home

All are a magnificent mirror!  Whether you agree with the content of your reflections or not, it gives you an opportunity to assess the results of your beliefs.

If you don’t like what you see, excavate your inner monologue! Be relentless in rooting out the beliefs that are creating your reality.

  • If you believe you don’t have time, access or resources to eat health nutritious foods, then you won’t.
  • If you believe your work is a burden and an obstacle on your path to wealth, then it will be.
  • If you believe your relationships are littered with people who weigh you down and take from you…so it will be.
  • If you believe money will always elude you and that you’ll barely have enough… it will be true.
  • If you believe your home is a place of stress that’s crowded or barren or in no way a reflection of your inner being, then that too will be true.

Change Your Beliefs

To change your beliefs, begin with changing your inner monologue.  Some people will use prayer; others will use affirmations; yet others simply prefer the phrase “self talk.”  Create new beliefs by stating the new monologue to yourself regularly.

  1. Health – I am healed, whole and the picture of health!
  2. Work – My purpose is reflected in meaningful work and I enjoy every moment of it!
  3. Relationship(s) – My relationships are in harmony.  They are reciprocal, happy and loving!
  4. Money – I am an excellent manager of my money.  My supply has no limit as I cultivate cash daily!
  5. Home – My home is a radiant reflection of my inner being.  I am safe and I am comforted when I am home!

Use these phrases or create your own as needed.  There may be other areas you want to add.  Take a moment to do so.  Perhaps you have limiting beliefs around support; your self esteem; your attractiveness; your speaking ability.

Whatever it is…excavate, examine and explore your mind via your thoughts and your results; create a new inner monologue.

When you find yourself drifting with worry or negative thoughts about what is not happening in your life, use your new positive inner monologue to change the images in the corridors of your mind.  Match your mood and tone to your new self talk.  Remember you are activating new beliefs to get your best results!

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