A Good Life

I have many conversations with therapists, entrepreneurs and people in general who are charged with personal development in pursuit of a good life. They don’t call it that. But that’s how I have come to think of it.


Many of us are engaged in entrepreneurship in order to support the life we want to live. The challenge is that life has many unexpected events. We think of them as detours. But these detours are life itself. I don’t know what a good life is to you. Perhaps it is one in which all of your basic needs are met and then some-including:

  • safety;
  • food;
  • shelter;
  • love & belonging;
  • meaning & purpose;
  • community & family.

The truth is many of us have those things but stress and other challenges keep us from fully enjoying a good life. Stress in the form of various responsibilities, roles, obligations, illnesses, relational concerns, political and community concerns, etc…

Personal Principles for a Good Life

Having been through my fair share of stress with entrepreneurship itself, as well as care-taking for parents, I’ve come to a set of personal principles to help me experience a good life.

  1. Don’t do things I don’t want to do; unless it is part of a large commitment or a role that matters to me.
  2. Know my love language and ask for what I need and set limits with what I don’t need.
  3. Express love to the people I love and spend time doing things that I enjoy. Spend time with the people who matter most (when I can).
  4. Pay attention to my body and to my intuition. See providers as needed to support my health. Listen to my intuition because it has literally never steered me wrong.
  5. Give myself grace and forgiveness. The same way I do the people I love.

I think the most important thing is that a good life is not a perfect life. I am so glad perfection has never been part of my mindset. I am grateful there is space for me to fall short and still be okay with myself. I am so glad others can fall short and still be in relationship with me.

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