Thanks for Your Patience

I wanted to take a moment to thank my regular readers. My subscribers over the past 3 years have known me to faithfully post my blog each week on Wednesday mornings. I took a break from the blog. Not because I wanted to take a break. But because I am committed to a level of authenticity in the blog that requires me to write about whatever is present and true for me as it relates to the topics about which I write.

For a few weeks guest bloggers were helpful. It gave me a break and allowed me to have my blog come out in a timely manner. The challenge is that this blog is such a representation of my personal and professional self that editing guest blogs in terms of content can be just as time consuming as writing the blog itself. I am returning to my blog posting now because I miss it. I will likely write shorter posts. However, the content will be meaningful.

Atypical Pneumonia

In late October 2018 I was hospitalized for atypical pneumonia. I had been having symptoms like shortness of breathe for a while. I chalked it up to stress, because I am responsible for taking care of my mother with dementia. I finally went to urgent care and then the ER because I saw an e-mail about a colleague Nancy Hickman’s memorial service. She apparently had a pulmonary embolism. I realized that I had similar symptoms and decided it was time to act. Sadly, Nancy’s death probably preserved my life.

My left lung had partially collapsed under a liter of fluid. As my health challenges began to unfold, life – as you might imagine – got both more hectic and also slowed way down. I had to come to terms with the fact that I could no longer keep up with my usual pace. I had to slow down, receive care and receive support from my family and friends. I am at the beginning of a path to recovering and healing. I will share parts of this story from time to time. However, I don’t intend for my health journey to be the main topic I discuss. It is part of my life and I will honor it.

Clinical Supervision Training

Regarding my clinical supervision training events: at this time I am not opening registration for my 6 hour training events for 2019. I do plan to revamp and offer some 2-part 3 hour live webinars starting with my training on Internships, Ethics, Selection etc…

Thank you again for your patience. I am back such that it is and I feel good about reclaiming those things that make me feel whole.

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