A Good Life

I have many conversations with therapists, entrepreneurs and people in general who are charged with personal development in pursuit of a good life. They don’t call it that. But that’s how I have come to think of it. Entrepreneurship Many of us are engaged in entrepreneurship in order to support the life we want to … Read more

On Change and Moving “Forward Toward Growth”

What Do We Need in Order to Grow? Abraham Maslow was a psychologist who was well known for positing the “hierarchy of needs.”  He stated that as our basic needs are met, we are able to go on to meet other needs. The baseline need being physiological; then safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. … Read more

Manipulation and Getting Our Needs Met!

Manipulation and Getting Our Needs Met! When we say someone is manipulative we are often taking a short cut. As people and as clinicians we often describe someone as manipulative as a means to describe undesirable and unbecoming behavior. The fact is when we feel that someone is manipulative, what we are suggesting is that … Read more