On Entrepreneurship – Stop Competing

Stop competing, stop comparing.

What if I told you entrepreneurship isn’t about competition? What if comparing your business to others and/or yourself to others in the same industry has a negative impact on:

  • your mindset,
  • your creativity,
  • and your marketing?

Your Mindset

What you believe about yourself and the viability of your business services and products matters. If looking at what others are doing leads to self doubt…stop doing it. Stop looking. We can all find inspiration in the work, products and offerings of others. However, there are very few people who can do this without comparing themselves to others.

Comparisons to other’s success or even their lack of success can interfere with your confidence. Comparison can also lead to competing against others. It is my sincere belief that our most important competition is ourselves. We know better than anyone if we are working at our best and producing our best and living our best lives.

The truth is, you don’t know the cost for what others have created or built. It is also difficult to know the exact challenges and obstacles that led to their business floundering. Furthermore, many people masquerade as successful. They are hoping for the efforts to catch up to their ambitions.

Your mindset is better set on your path and what is yours to do.

Your Creativity

Creating and creativity are cornerstones of entrepreneurship. Sometimes competition leads to innovation. It also often leads to poor decisions made out of fear. Decisions that are not based on what you know personally about your services, products and customers/clients.

It is a critical aspect of business to give people what they are asking for and not fall into the trap of offering what we want to offer without consideration for our clients needs.

What do you need to create at the beginning of your business? Just that question alone should keep you busy for a while. What do you need to create or cultivate when your business is established? This is a question about listening, creating, inventing and reinvention.

Your Marketing

When you compare your marketing to others’ marketing efforts you run the risk of duplication or imitation. There are some principles and strategies that are just universal. But what you have and what your business has — that is unique is you.

Your marketing efforts and your willingness to make it known to people that you offer services or products is an inescapable part of business development and sustainability. How can people buy your services or products if they don’t know about it?

You don’t have to have polished videos. You don’t have to write a blog. You don’t have to have a bunch of social media followers.

What you do need is to explore what comes naturally to you in terms of communication and then start your marketing strategy or shift your marketing strategies to what also comes naturally.

You don’t have to compete with how other’s market and talk about their services.

There is no comparison. There is you and what you do; what services you provide and how you do it. There is no competition.

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