What Marvel’s Black Panther Film Explores About the Black Psyche, Part 1

The Black Psyche (Psyche= The Human Soul, Mind or Spirit) I can’t think of a film since Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” that captures more layers of the “Black Psyche” than Marvel’s “Black Panther.” As such, there will be a part 2 to this analysis. Black Panther captures the complexity of the relationships, trauma … Read more

Race Matters – What Therapists Can Do!

Race Matters I don’t really like to talk or write openly about race. I am doing so because it matters. It is important to me to write about what matters and race does. I remember growing up in Stuttgart, West Germany. I lived there for six years from ages 2 to 8. We lived in … Read more

Do No Harm…Do Good…Personal Values Among Therapists

Do No Harm…Do Good I think one of the biggest challenges facing the mental health profession as it relates to ethics, treatment, and even professional relationships is the intersection between personal values and professional values. As professionals many of our ethical guidelines are based on principles like the following: Non-Malfeasance – Do no harm. Beneficence … Read more