But First Do No Harm

But First Do No Harm I don’t know if some have forgotten this lesson. Perhaps it is increasingly overlooked. The concept of reducing the risk for harm is still a vital component to effective therapy. Like every other type of service, the quality of what you receive is dependent upon the person providing the service. … Read more

Referral Based Marketing and Ethical Practice

Making Referrals There is a tendency in service based businesses to attempt to accommodate every client or customer. The truth is…these businesses are not meant to serve everyone. Sometimes we need to refer people to other service providers. So what leads to difficulty when the need arises to refer cases elsewhere? Sometimes we don’t know … Read more

The Ethical Use of 1013s in Georgia and Client’s Rights

What is a 1013? In my observation there is a fair amount of misunderstanding about what a “1013” is and what it is authorizing mental health professionals and law enforcement or Peace Officers to do. The purpose of this certificate (1013) is to authorize transportation to an “emergency receiving facility.”  This form also includes a report … Read more

Do No Harm…Do Good…Personal Values Among Therapists

Do No Harm…Do Good I think one of the biggest challenges facing the mental health profession as it relates to ethics, treatment, and even professional relationships is the intersection between personal values and professional values. As professionals many of our ethical guidelines are based on principles like the following: Non-Malfeasance – Do no harm. Beneficence … Read more