So You Want to Write a Blog

Some Things to Consider about Writing a Blog

There are many reasons to write a blog. I think the best reason lies somewhere between the personal and the professional. Here are some considerations:

  • Do you enjoy writing?
  • Do you have something to share?
  • Do you have a target audience?
  • Do you have access to peoples’ concerns and interests? Do you have a way to know what others would benefit from reading?
  • Do you have a sense of purpose and an intention for your blog? What is your reason for writing?
  • Do you write for fun, creative expression, or educational purposes? How would you feel about writing becoming work?
  • How would you feel if very few people read your blog?
  • What impact would you want the blog to have on your professional life?
  • Do you have time to write a blog?
  • How would you share your blog with others?

The Personal and Professional Reasons that I Write a Blog

The reason I started writing my blog was both personal and professional. I have always enjoyed creative writing; due to my work and personal life, it had all but disappeared from my regular day to day life. I would occasionally engage in writing daily gratitude statements and reflections on my day.

But that form of writing didn’t satisfy my capacity.  Specifically, the capacity of my thoughts and ideas. In other words, I had a lot to say and many ideas that I realized could also be beneficial to others.

I get to engage in meaningful dialogue about life and work with other therapists on a regular basis. Many of these conversations are educational or consultative in nature. Other conversations are all about how to do our work, including the challenges of it and the challenges specifically of entrepreneurship.

Next,  I realized that I wanted to have regular contact with some of my peers, former students, and people who have an interest in personal development or professional development. Writing a blog and cultivating subscribers has given me a way to stay in touch.

This regular weekly contact through my blog allows me to share something of value with my peers and my “tribe.” It is a way to also keep them informed about my workshops, my community events and new services that I may be offering.

Problem Solving?

I suspect the challenges will be different for each person. But what you have to resolve to start and maintain your own blog are the following:

  1. What platform will you use to share your blog? I use WordPress. I have a WordPress website. I also share my blog via e-mail through my Infusionsoft customer relationship management program. These are not the only ways to do it. But this is how I manage my blog. I also share it on social media a few days after my subscribers have received it. I recommend that you do a web search or find a podcast on blogging to determine the best steps for you.
  2. What will you write about? I always and only write about what I am interested in writing about. I write about my professional experiences and insights, as well as where the personal and professional intersect for me. I think it is important to write about what you know and/or to write about what you are interested in; as well as write about what might be of interest to others. Some people take their inspiration from current events. I think you should write about your thoughts that you feel comfortable sharing publicly.
  3. How often will you write? Some people choose to write whenever inspiration strikes. I have chosen to commit to writing every week, even when I am not certain about what I want to share. I think it is important to have some regularity and predictability so that people who follow your blog know when to expect it. Also, if your goal is to stay connected with your network or family or friends then regularity helps you stay connected.
  4. How does your blog translate to profits? Not all blogging has a direct relationship to income. However, blogging can very much lead to income. Some blogs earn income through advertising. They may focus on recommending products and services and receive some funds from different businesses to market their products or services. Other blogs – like mine – focus on sharing viable content to maintain relationships and simply remind others that I am here doing what I do. When people receive that reminder they occasionally reach out or they remember that they wanted to participate in a program I am offering.
  5. Is your writing any good? This is a tough one. I think a good blog always shares a bit of the personal. If you write and you withhold too much of yourself, then the reader can’t connect. The truth is there is an audience for everything. I also believe that writing an interesting blog is a matter of practicing writing and noticing the response. There are many ways to make your blog more attractive. For instance the title of your blog post is very important. It is also important to have key words that will make your blog easier for potential readers to find who are just searching different topics online. These key words are known as “tags.” 

Getting Started

I think the best thing you can do if you want to start writing a blog is to just start writing. Even if you have not made all of the other decisions above. You can get a note pad and just write 300-400 words on a topic. Of course you can also type in Microsoft Word or even in an e-mail that you send to yourself. Many blogs are shorter than mine. This one is about 1,130 words. Last week was a little over 2,000.

Another thing is to get support. I believe that an accountability partner is a good thing to have. Another way is to join a group or develop your own group that is focused on writing or other professional goals.

Life is always happening. There are and always will be many things you could be doing other than writing your blog. I can tell you that procrastination has hindered me many days. But what many professional writers tell you is that they write daily. If they can write daily then I can write weekly.

Another hindrance is an ever long “to do” list. What I can tell you is that writing weekly has helped me develop some discipline. I feel proud of myself that I stay dedicated to this purpose.

So if you still think writing a blog is something you want to do, don’t let not knowing how keep you from starting. You will only learn what you try to learn and that can only happen if you begin.

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