How to Grow Your Practice

I wanted to title this blog post “5 Reasons Why Your Practice isn’t Growing.” But that sounded too negative and too “markety.” By markety I mean something that sales people say to tap into their target buyer’s fears and sense of inadequacy. That’s not my intent or my goal. Instead, I want to speak to … Read more

The Battle Within

Compliments, Praise and Applause Few things tell me more about a person than how they respond to compliments, praise and applause. There are a multitude of reactions, I am sure, but these are the two that stand out to me most: People who embrace praise and let it wash over them. They might even agree … Read more

We Reap What We Sow

Read the books on your shelf! Read the books on your shelf! I know many of you have bookshelves filled with books or virtual bookshelves filled with e-books. Either way you get the point…tap into the resources at your disposal. I am just as guilty as the next person. I love to buy books and … Read more