Create the Space for Your New Year’s Goals!

Create the Space for Your New Year’s goals!

Create the space in your life to bring what you want into existence! I recently overheard a conference call about health and fitness. The phrase was uttered You have the body you deserve.  The simplicity of the statement and the truth of it struck me at my core.

To me, this statement is in reference to what we are or are not willing to put into our efforts to achieve our goals. In this case it made me think of the most common New Year’s goals to get in shape“:

  • to lose weight,
  • to build strength and flexibility,
  • to lower blood pressure,
  • or get off medications, etc…

In general, these goals are in reference to elements of our wellness that are within reach…within our control…things that we have some empowerment around.

We Have What We Deserve…We Have What We Create

It made me think about how this concept applies in so many areas of life…we have what we deserve.”  Which to me translates to we have what we create!

One of the things I’m most proud of this year is my weekly blog post. It’s been fun and rewarding but definitely not easy.

My intent has been to provide weekly content to be released generally every Wednesday (sometimes Thursday). I’ve chosen to write for Counselors and Coaches specifically, but also people across a wide variety of industries who have a general interest in personal development, professional development and entrepreneurship.

Sometimes I have no idea what I want to write about and I have to wait for inspiration to strike. Other times there are so many ideas that I can’t seem to pick one to focus on for that week’s post.

Thank You to all of my Readers and Subscribers

I want to say thank you to all of my readers and subscribers. I’ve enjoyed wonderful feedback from friends, colleagues and connections. I’ve received:

Next year I intend to offer more content in the way of online courses, an e-book and an opportunity for distance consultation and coaching via video conferencing for other counseling/coaching professionals.

I am happy to say that I know that this year I had the blog that I deserved! I’m grateful that it has been beneficial to others and that I can recommend it without reservations.

Create the Conditions for Your Success

As you set your 2016 goals…get honest about your commitment…create the conditions for your success…

  • Do you have accountability partners?
  • Do you need support?
  • Are you honest about your compelling reason? Your motivation?
  • Do you have the availability to work on what you want to accomplish?

I write my blog post roughly every Tuesday. My assistant, Leslie, supports my efforts by checking for errors and curating the content for my weekly e-blast to my subscriber list. Whether she knows it or not, the fact that she awaits my notice that the blog is finished helps me to get it done.

My compelling reason is to develop my writing voice and connect with my subscribers.

My motivation is to write an e-book and transition elements of my services to be provided online.

My availability includes my two admin days per week plus in 2016 strategic Mondays dedicated to content development.

Anything Worth Having Requires Development

Anything worth having requires development. Whether it is better health, more fulfilling relationships, a valued service, an in-demand product or better business, or even a top tier company; I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are you bringing into existence?
  2. Are you achieving “what you deserve? (your outcomes are a reflection of your effort and strategy)

Don’t let your New Year’s goals die on the vine due to inattention. Nurture your goals everyday through deliberate action and discipline!

Let’s revisit all of this next year!

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