“The Epidemic” – A Reflection on Suicide

It All Came Rushing Back Last Friday, June 8, 2018… I was getting ready for a 5 hour training on “The Ethical Use of 1013’s in the State of Georgia.” The event was sold out. There were over 90 registrants. I was looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new faces. I was going through … Read more

What is the Therapist’s Responsibility in a Crisis?

Carrying the Weight of the World Sometimes being a therapist can feel like carrying the weight of the world. Whenever I have a counseling supervisee approaching their LPC eligibility, I am reminded that the responsibility of being a mental health professional is enormous. I am reminded because despite the supervisee’s excitement about getting their LPC, … Read more

The Ethical Use of 1013s in Georgia and Client’s Rights

What is a 1013? In my observation there is a fair amount of misunderstanding about what a “1013” is and what it is authorizing mental health professionals and law enforcement or Peace Officers to do. The¬†purpose of this certificate (1013) is to authorize transportation to an “emergency receiving facility.”¬† This form also includes a report … Read more