“The Epidemic” – A Reflection on Suicide

It All Came Rushing Back Last Friday, June 8, 2018… I was getting ready for a 5 hour training on “The Ethical Use of 1013’s in the State of Georgia.” The event was sold out. There were over 90 registrants. I was looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new faces. I was going through … Read more

Simplify the Holidays…

The Holiday Season It’s almost a clichéd topic…but still it is vital and relevant. The “holiday”  season brings many people to peaks of happiness and others to the depths of depressed mood and hurried anxiety. When we consider that “change” (both desired and undesired) increases stress, it makes sense that the holidays would induce many … Read more

When it All Falls Apart…What You Need Wants You!

Get Outta Your Comfort Zone! In January of 2016 I finally moved out of my office space of over 10 years. I’d been wanting to move for several years. Every now and then I would look but there was no urgency. I was comfortable. However, I needed to reduce my overhead costs. I wanted to … Read more

The Anatomy of Hope

I thought that I was going to write about fear this week. But instead I am writing about hope! Hope is noun and a verb…it is something we have and something we do. When we are hopeful we believe that something we desire can or will happen, therefore we have “hope.” Optimism Sometimes optimistic people … Read more