Women and Career Advancement

Common Career Related Concerns I am often in conversations with women about their careers. These conversations include but are not limited to the following: Needing to address a problem with a colleague or superior and feeling uncomfortable. The desire to leave a position, but facing barriers of one’s own design (discomfort with change). Wanting to … Read more

Recognize Offense without Taking Offense a Multicultural Competency

Offense is Common Sometimes interactions with others leave us feeling hurt, confused, lonely or misunderstood. Often we are offended and the other person or people have no idea why. I wish the opposite were true – that most of us felt understood by others. But I know that for many people who are rightly or … Read more

Why are White Men in America Killing People En Masse?

Why aren’t we having the conversation about white men and mass shootings? For many years we have had public discourse about “black on black crime”  and “gang violence.”  The conversations are held on the news, in social media, in living rooms, in educational institutions and among organizations that work diligently to try to mend the … Read more

Learning to Live Without

Today I listened to an NPR podcast that was recommended by a colleague. It is not for those offended by profanity, so please listen at your own risk. What I can tell you is that it was so very engaging, sad and thought provoking that I listened to all seven episodes without stopping. I listened … Read more