Bridging the Divide: Counseling, Licensure, Supervision & Professional Associations

The Great Divide It seems to me that there is a difference of understanding and expectations between those pursuing licensure and those issuing licenses in Georgia; specifically related to issuing licenses to associate professional counselors and licensed professional counselors. It is clear that the licensing board’s role is to protect the public. Their actual function … Read more

2018 GA Composite Board Rule Changes for Counselors, Social Workers & MFT’s Pt. 1 Diagnosis Rule

Disclaimer I am an LPC in GA and a certified supervisor (CPCS & ACS). I am not a Georgia Composite Board member and I do not speak on behalf of the board. I am a current member of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of GA and a former LPCA-GA board member. However, I also do … Read more

The State of the Counseling Profession in Georgia

Standards in the Counseling Profession The field of professional counseling (as in psychotherapy) is in a state of major flux and growth. Both nationally and on a state level, counselors are battling on multiple fronts including: Raising the standards for counseling licensure with regard to the following: clinical examination (requiring the national clinical mental health … Read more