Social Media, Technology and Well-Being

Generation X I’ve been diving deep into the world of social media for both personal and professional reasons. As a Generation X’er I still remember and value privacy. It was less than two years ago when I thought, “I don’t get it…why are people sharing with each other online and talking about personal things?” As … Read more

The Money Issue

Money There is a recurring theme in my discussions with supervisees and colleagues. The discussions are also happening on listservs and on social media. That theme is “money” and experience of lack, worry or concern! Supervisees by and large lament the low wages & fees that they earn coming out of graduate school. There is … Read more

Breakthrough Moments!

My breakthrough moments always came when I was just doing what I loved! After graduating from Clemson University in 1996 with a BA in Psychology, I had no idea what I would do next. I was rejected by the graduate programs I had hoped to attend. I was literally crying on the phone to my … Read more