Love Yourself More

Love Yourself More I’ve been sharing the hashtag “love yourself more” on some of my social media posts for a while. I find that many people struggle privately with the question of their “love-ability.”  This often has to do with whether or not we are loved by someone else. It is such a big focus in … Read more

“Respect is Just a Minimum”

Respect is a Minimum Requirement It is very difficult to respect someone who allows themselves to be taken advantage of repeatedly. Most importantly it is difficult for someone in those circumstances to respect themselves. I am not speaking of those who are legitimately disenfranchised and powerless (like children and people living under oppressive regimes.)  I’m … Read more

Social Media, Technology and Well-Being

Generation X I’ve been diving deep into the world of social media for both personal and professional reasons. As a Generation X’er I still remember and value privacy. It was less than two years ago when I thought, “I don’t get it…why are people sharing with each other online and talking about personal things?” As … Read more