Why You Must Manage Your Own Social Media

What are you getting for your investment? There was a brief time when I considered hiring someone to manage my social media. There were several things that dissuaded me: The first was that I didn’t understand fully what I’d be paying them to do. Second, because I didn’t understand what would entail good service, I … Read more

Marketing for Introverts

Marketing Yourself and Your Services In my work as a clinical supervisor, coach, and consultant, I often receive questions about how to market one’s services. If you are not trying to obtain clients or business, think about marketing as something you do that involves expanding your relationships. We all need to have a network of colleagues and … Read more

Social Media, Technology and Well-Being

Generation X I’ve been diving deep into the world of social media for both personal and professional reasons. As a Generation X’er I still remember and value privacy. It was less than two years ago when I thought, “I don’t get it…why are people sharing with each other online and talking about personal things?” As … Read more