What Marvel’s Black Panther Film Explores About the Black Psyche, Part 2

Relationships in Marvel’s Black Panther At this point, I’ve enjoyed the dialogue sparked by Marvel’s Black Panther film more than the film itself. Each person’s observations are based on their unique worldview. It has sparked an interesting combination of community pride; curiosity about our origins (people of African descent throughout the diaspora);  and a renewed … Read more

Stop Apologizing.

When Should We Apologize? Don’t let the title mislead you…I know that apologies are vital to the fabric of civil and polite society. I whole hardheartedly agree that people should apologize when they are taking responsibility for themselves including: their actions; their words; their mistakes; their misguided hurtful behavior; or the actions of an organization … Read more

Fault vs. Responsibility

The Incredible Hulk When I was a kid, I used to like to watch The Incredible Hulk TV series. The character Bruce Banner would turn into the green monster when he was angry. His famous line was “Don’t make me angry… you won’t like me when I am angry.”  When I look back on that … Read more