Clearing the Clutter – Home as Sanctuary

Clearing the Clutter Lately, I’ve been on a mission to clear clutter. I don’t consider myself to be a packrat. I don’t think of myself as keeping things out of some sentimental value. Nor do I keep many things just in case I will need them some day. What I found were 3 types of … Read more

Entrepreneurship – On Being Your Own Boss

On Being Your Own Boss Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It is a life path that challenges every aspect of being. It can be immensely rewarding, as well as terrifying. The truth is that some people go into entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons. Some people approach it as if they have something to prove. They … Read more

Stop Apologizing.

When Should We Apologize? Don’t let the title mislead you…I know that apologies are vital to the fabric of civil and polite society. I whole hardheartedly agree that people should apologize when they are taking responsibility for themselves including: their actions; their words; their mistakes; their misguided hurtful behavior; or the actions of an organization … Read more