Ethics in Mental Health Practice- Double-booking and Overbooking

Ethics and Scheduling Psychotherapy Clients There are many things to consider with regard to ethics and scheduling psychotherapy clients. Here are just a few areas for consideration: Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of those who seek to schedule appointments with you, including HIPAA and HIPAA HITECH considerations. Fairness- Are you giving priority to certain clients … Read more

Focus Days as a Path to Well-Being

What is Self Care? “Self care” is a term that many therapists and helping professionals use in reference to taking care of one’s self. This is an important matter for helping professionals because we are uniquely charged with caring for others. When your work involves: thinking about others, identifying their needs, listening to their concerns … Read more

Boundaries, Scheduling and People Pleasing…

Anyone who knows me even peripherally… knows I’m a prolific scheduler! Aspects of my work and personal schedule were mapped out for 2016 two months ago! Going back to the days of the multi-ring binder Franklin Planners and the Palm Pilot…or even my college planner…I’ve used scheduling primarily as a way to- set my intention for … Read more