How to Maintain a Positive Frame of Mind…a 3 Part Process

There are a few simple truths behind most psychological pain…not wanting what “is” to be true or real… wishing that something that did happen… did not happen. It can be very difficult to dislodge a person’s beliefs when they are fixated on a slight, an injury, a loss or an attack…whether it be psychological or emotional. As … Read more

Talk About Yourself…Your Goals, Skills, Plans and Dreams!

Many people are uncomfortable talking about themselves. They are reluctant or reticent to tell others: who they are, what their goals are; about their gifts; even about their plans; and lastly about their dreams! I have found this to be particularly true about helping professionals (Counselors and even Coaches). The reasons seem to be myriad … Read more

Three Critical Steps for Goal Attainment

(1) Have a vision, (2) create the structure, and (3) take strategic action! It doesn’t matter if you apply these three critical goal attainment steps to: your business, your fitness goals, or your relationship(s). I’ve found that our subconscious (the part of our mind that rests beneath the surface of our conscious thoughts) either contributes to … Read more