Attitude-Lessons from my Aunt Ruby

Attitude is Everything We have all heard the phrase “attitude is everything.” I’m not sure if it really  is “everything” but I am certain that it can and does impact all of our life’s experiences. So I guess maybe it is “everything!” I was named after my Aunt Ruby, my mom’s oldest sister. She is … Read more

20 Years of Being a Therapist: A Labor of Love

No Vision, No Plan In July 1997, I was half way through my 1st year practicing psychotherapy. I selected an internship site that required a 20 hour a week 12 month commitment. At the time, I literally had no vision or thoughts about what my future would be in the field. I simply set out … Read more

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed or Taken Advantage of!

Giving, Pleasing and Perfectionism Yesterday I spoke with at least 5 people in various capacities of my work and life who are unhappy based on a very common triad: Giving too much; People pleasing; and Perfectionism These states of being are hazardous to our health and well-being. In order to stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and as if … Read more

How to Maintain a Positive Frame of Mind…a 3 Part Process

There are a few simple truths behind most psychological pain…not wanting what “is” to be true or real… wishing that something that did happen… did not happen. It can be very difficult to dislodge a person’s beliefs when they are fixated on a slight, an injury, a loss or an attack…whether it be psychological or emotional. As … Read more