On Saying Goodbye – Three Principles to Consider

Saying Goodbye One of the most difficult tasks we face in life involves “endings.”  Those times when we have to say goodbye to someone, something, or some experience. Despite the fact that we have plenty of opportunity to practice…we have often have difficulty with endings, transitions, change, and saying goodbye to the way things used … Read more

Effective Decision Making

One of the most important elements of effective decision making is making sure you are in the best possible state of mind when you make the decision. Decisions Are Complicated The challenge being that often important decisions are complicated. Complicated by multiple factors: costs; relationships; time limits; resources; emotions; limited information; or an abundance of … Read more

Is Giving Better Than Receiving? Receiving Matters – A Guideline for Givers

Is Giving Better Than Receiving? Is giving better than receiving? Many people struggle with receiving from others. Compliments, gifts, help, love and forgiveness are among the items and experiences they have difficulty receiving. Not being able to receive extends itself to also having difficulty being comforted by others or even with comforting oneself when upset, … Read more

Marketing for Therapists, Introverts and Shy People

Believe it or not I’ve never enjoyed marketing… The truth is I’m not nearly a proficient at it as I should be… based on my experience and the practice I have built. What I do Well However, I am fortunate that there are things that I do well and consistently: maintain an interest in the field … Read more