20 Years of Being a Therapist: A Labor of Love

No Vision, No Plan In July 1997, I was half way through my 1st year practicing psychotherapy. I selected an internship site that required a 20 hour a week 12 month commitment. At the time, I literally had no vision or thoughts about what my future would be in the field. I simply set out … Read more

What is Psychotherapy and Who Offers it?

Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy Today I heard a podcast featuring a Professional Counselor who was asked to describe what psychotherapy is and what the difference is between a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist and a Psychotherapist. The response was very confusing and also very incorrect. It suggested that all Psychotherapists were master’s level degree holders and that Psychiatrists … Read more

Love Yourself More

Love Yourself More I’ve been sharing the hashtag “love yourself more” on some of my social media posts for a while. I find that many people struggle privately with the question of their “love-ability.”  This often has to do with whether or not we are loved by someone else. It is such a big focus in … Read more