Ashamed of Desire Itself

Moving in Silence Occasionally I see or hear people advising others to “move in silence”  and not share their plans or desires with others. While that may be a good strategy for protecting yourself, it is not a great strategy for gaining support. Perhaps there is some merit to the advice. Maybe everyone doesn’t need … Read more

Support for Caregivers – It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World It’s a small world and for caregivers the world gets smaller and smaller. Over the years I’ve had a number of clients who held caregiver roles in their families. But it wasn’t until I was in a caregiver position myself that I truly could appreciate the depth and width of the … Read more

Expanding Your Professional Network

To Lunch or Not to Lunch? A few years ago I stopped accepting business lunch invitations. I know people are encouraged by career coaches, counselors, friends, family and self-help guides to invite professionals to lunch in order to forge a new relationship. However, the tactics involved tend to be one person picking another person’s brain … Read more

On Your Own…Where is the Support?

On Your Own We all go through changes and transitions in life. These changes often involve the intersection between the personal and the professional. In other words, in order to attain your professional goals you will need to improve any limiting personal challenges. We reach what I consider to be plateaus in our growth…these are … Read more