“Respect is Just a Minimum”

Respect is a Minimum Requirement It is very difficult to respect someone who allows themselves to be taken advantage of repeatedly. Most importantly it is difficult for someone in those circumstances to respect themselves. I am not speaking of those who are legitimately disenfranchised and powerless (like children and people living under oppressive regimes.)¬† I’m … Read more

Assertiveness and Changing the World

Assertiveness So what does assertiveness have to do with changing the world? Everything as far as I am concerned. Being assertive means that you are making a conscious choice to continue to value yourself and someone else…even when you disagree with one another. Sometimes being assertive is easy. Other times it is very difficult. Changing … Read more

The Perpetual Graduate Student

Should Your Supervisee Go Back to Graduate School? I have this conversation several times a month with either one of my supervisees or occasionally with a colleague who is¬†independently licensed. The conversation typically starts with the statement “So, I’ve been thinking about going back to graduate school.” At first glance this seems like a great … Read more