Attitude-Lessons from my Aunt Ruby

Attitude is Everything We have all heard the phrase “attitude is everything.” I’m not sure if it really¬† is “everything” but I am certain that it can and does impact all of our life’s experiences. So I guess maybe it is “everything!” I was named after my Aunt Ruby, my mom’s oldest sister. She is … Read more

Comfortable Confrontation

Comfort is not a Prerequisite Is anyone comfortable with confrontation? I don’t know. There are certainly people skilled at confronting others. But that doesn’t mean that they enjoy it or that they are comfortable. The truth is, if you are waiting to feel comfortable, then you are delaying and/or stunting the growth of important aspects … Read more

The Cultivation of Intimacy

Why I Don’t Like Talking on the Phone I was watching a drama on HBO called The Leftovers and one character said to another “I don’t know how to talk to you yet.”¬† They had just been on their fourth date and one had made a joke…there was some concern that the joke had offended … Read more

Assertiveness and Changing the World

Assertiveness So what does assertiveness have to do with changing the world? Everything as far as I am concerned. Being assertive means that you are making a conscious choice to continue to value yourself and someone else…even when you disagree with one another. Sometimes being assertive is easy. Other times it is very difficult. Changing … Read more