When to Leave a Job and When to Stay

Work: Necessity or Choice? One of the most challenging decisions in one’s career is deciding when to leave a job. A person’s livelihood, whether it be their job or their own business, is vital to their well being. For most people, working is a necessity and a means to an income. Obviously without an income … Read more

You Get to Choose

The Holidays As Thanksgiving is upon us and as Christmas, New Year’s Eve & Day approach, we are all engaged in various traditions…or lack thereof. Many of us find ourselves missing the holidays of our past when our families were intact. Others long for an imagined future that is better than now. And some of … Read more

The Anatomy of Hope

I thought that I was going to write about fear this week. But instead I am writing about hope! Hope is noun and a verb…it is something we have and something we do. When we are hopeful we believe that something we desire can or will happen, therefore we have “hope.” Optimism Sometimes optimistic people … Read more