Clinical Supervisor Preparedness

The Supervisor’s Field of Knowing There are important elements of clinical supervision that are sacrificed on the altar of focusing on cases. You can’t reasonably know everything that matters about every case. As a supervisor you will only know… what you are told about a case, how it is told, and what you observe about your … Read more

Ethics in Mental Health Practice- Double-booking and Overbooking

Ethics and Scheduling Psychotherapy Clients There are many things to consider with regard to ethics and scheduling psychotherapy clients. Here are just a few areas for consideration: Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of those who seek to schedule appointments with you, including HIPAA and HIPAA HITECH considerations. Fairness- Are you giving priority to certain clients … Read more

Free Services ???

Pro bono, Free, Reduced Fee Last week I wrote the “Money Issue.”  This week I’m discussing a closely related topic – pro bono, free and/or reduced fee services. Counseling ethical codes encourage counselors to provide some services for free or reduced cost. I believe that for the most part, our collective challenge is quite the opposite. … Read more