Perfectly Imperfect…Therapist/Coach as Human Being

Perfectly Imperfect We are all made “perfectly imperfect!” I am not saying this from a religious or spiritual perspective. I know that many will apply that paradigm. I welcome that way of understanding and being in the world. However, I am also in full support of those who are atheists and secular humanists and those … Read more

On Your Own…Where is the Support?

On Your Own We all go through changes and transitions in life. These changes often involve the intersection between the personal and the professional. In other words, in order to attain your professional goals you will need to improve any limiting personal challenges. We reach what I consider to be plateaus in our growth…these are … Read more

The Geographical Cure and Accountability Partners!

The Geographical Cure There are many times in life that we think… if I just leave… if I just take a new job… if I get out of this relationship… if I start this business over from scratch… if I move out of this city…then I’ll have a chance. Then everything will be better. Sometimes … Read more

Who Has a Seat at Your Table?

Seek Counsel from Trusted Parties We all have people we consult with about important matters in our lives. Whether it is a personal or professional matter, it is wise to seek counsel from trusted parties. I think it is important to be conscious about who has a seat at your table. There may be some … Read more