How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed or Taken Advantage of!

Giving, Pleasing and Perfectionism Yesterday I spoke with at least 5 people in various capacities of my work and life who are unhappy based on a very common triad: Giving too much; People pleasing; and Perfectionism These states of being are hazardous to our health and well-being. In order to stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and as if … Read more

Perfectly Imperfect…Therapist/Coach as Human Being

Perfectly Imperfect We are all made “perfectly imperfect!” I am not saying this from a religious or spiritual perspective. I know that many will apply that paradigm. I welcome that way of understanding and being in the world. However, I am also in full support of those who are atheists and secular humanists and those … Read more

Practice Small Acts of Forgiveness and Reconciliation Everyday

Forgiveness Forgiveness is relevant in every aspect of life. Not only as it relates to big hurts but most commonly the day to day ones that accumulate over time and magnify old wounds. The most important forgiveness work involves forgiving oneself. So much of what people (you, your clients, friends, colleagues, family etc…) are angry … Read more