On Being a Leader

Being a leader isn’t about being perfect. Leading isn’t about always saying the right thing. It isn’t even about always being right. What leadership does require of us is to be fully aligned. Leadership requires authenticity. Leadership requires a capacity to give. It also requires a capacity to receive. Too many people who are in … Read more

Comfortable Confrontation

Comfort is not a Prerequisite Is anyone comfortable with confrontation? I don’t know. There are certainly people skilled at confronting others. But that doesn’t mean that they enjoy it or that they are comfortable. The truth is, if you are waiting to feel comfortable, then you are delaying and/or stunting the growth of important aspects … Read more

Stop Comparing Your Life to Other People’s Lives

Stop Comparing Your Life to Other People’s Lives One of the surest ways to discontent is to look at someone else and think things like “Why him/her and not me?” When you compare your life to someone else’s life, you are taking your eyes off of your journey and what is meant for you. Comparing … Read more