What Does it Mean to be “Nice”?

How Do You Have So Many Friends? My Oncologist asks me this question almost every time I see him: “How do you have so many friends?” He spelled out the longer version of that question, or his implied question, today by saying, “If I got sick, would I know if I’d have any friends to … Read more

How to Respond When Someone is Upset

What Were You Thinking? Our culture is overly focused on thinking. The irony is that the depth of our exploration of our own thoughts and the thoughts of others often lingers on the surface of our potential understanding, when we focus too much on thinking and not enough on feeling. For example we ask questions like: … Read more

The Art of Therapy: Relationships, Healing & Change

Every seasoned therapist knows that what we do is part science and part art! Evidenced Based Interventions We use evidenced based strategies and interventions to try to help people recover and heal from numerous emotional/physical ills….including: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, loss, relationship problems, toxic work settings etc… The Therapeutic Relationship However, people are more … Read more