Be Here! Living with Bouts of Clinical Depression

4 Mental Health Professionals Dead from Suicide In recent months, my local therapist community lost 4 mental health professionals to suicide.  Clearly as professionals in the field, we know all too well the high degree of suffering that people with depression endure.  We know that for those who are chronically depressed it is sometimes a daily … Read more

Wants vs. Needs – An Approach to Goal Setting and Professional Development

What Do You Need? A vital element in goal setting involves assessment. If you don’t explore what you want alongside what you need, you can end up very dissatisfied with your results and likely abandon your goals all together. Your needs include: health, wellness and safety; fun, recreation and relaxation; social, family and love relationships; … Read more

Boundaries, Scheduling and People Pleasing…

Anyone who knows me even peripherally… knows I’m a prolific scheduler! Aspects of my work and personal schedule were mapped out for 2016 two months ago! Going back to the days of the multi-ring binder Franklin Planners and the Palm Pilot…or even my college planner…I’ve used scheduling primarily as a way to- set my intention for … Read more