Leveling Up

It’s not easy to shift your work/life into a different gear. What is easy is staying in the same day-to-day routines. The truth is, if you want different results you have to do something different. Often leveling up requires us to not just do one thing, but many things differently. So where should you start? … Read more

Repairing Relationships

What Does it Take to Repair a Fractured Relationship?  Mutual commitment;  Acknowledgment of the problems;  An understanding of each person’s deeply held values;  A willingness to be vulnerable;  Sincere apologies;  Forgiveness; and  Possible reconciliation. Mutual Commitment One cannot repair what does not exist and we cannot force people to remain in any circumstance if it … Read more

On Commitment…a Container for Your Life

Dating vs. Hanging Out Yesterday, one of the counselors I have supervised asked the question “What is dating versus hanging out?”  I am grateful for this supervisee/former graduate student of mine…he learns the art of therapy best by talking about life. He’d been observing people and reflecting on the challenges they face in their relationships. … Read more