Home for the Holidays

What is Home? Home changes throughout our lives. The definition of home. The location of home. The meaning of home. The people who make a place home. The value we place on home. Even the recognition that some never felt they had a place to call home. In the midst of this holiday season, many … Read more

Learning to be Selfish

Learning to be Selfish Not everyone needs to learn to be selfish. But for those who do…this message is for them. I know that many people think that our culture, our world is suffering from people being too self centered. Perhaps this is true for some. In my experience there is still a whole group … Read more

Why Aren’t You Married?

Baffling Question Sometimes people ask me why I am not married. I find this question to be as baffling as someone walking up to me and asking why I’m not wearing aqua blue? What is at the heart of this question? Is it a comment on one’s ideal-ness for marriage? Is it a question of … Read more

Therapeutic Resources for Relationships

People often ask me for information and resources.  I have welcomed this over the years and continue to enjoy my role among my peers. However, it is very difficult at times to keep up with the demand. So in an effort to document more of my advisement for my colleagues and supervisees, I’ve decided to … Read more